"T" minus 2 days----

Today was busy but also relaxing (had a wonderful snuggly nap with Brighton and Joey).
I finished what I started at the bank yesterday :) and also did some last minute shopping for the trip.

I have been all over the website for my flights.  I have checked my seat locations and also gate locations.
All seems to be in order - a.k.a.  little tvs on the back of each seat--- (wink wink)
Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be able to check in for my flights.  I truly cannot believe
I am gonna be leaving for the girls in such a short while. Just 3 short months ago we began our journey!

Reality has set in that I am leaving behind my four small kids and hubby.  I have given extra snuggles and hugs today as I feel like I am going to be gone "forever".  I will be skyping with them and that will get me through.  I guess it is so hard to think about 18 days---- sheesh.

So-- I must put on my "happy" face and stay courageous in this endeavor God has set before me.
(Don't get me wrong-- I am happy ---just sad to leave the family behind)

That being said-- God has laid this journey before me.  He will be by my side every second.  He will go before me and prepare these little ladies for the scariest time of their lives.  I believe He will bring the paperwork to completion in time for Samantha to join our family.   I believe He will convince Piper she should be adopted.  I am so thankful my God is an "ACTION" God.  He is busy "doing"!!

SO- tomorrow I will sing praises and worship my Father.  I will tell everyone about the glory He has shown our family through our blessings of children.  He is so amaziong and so worthy of our praise.
Thank you Lord for trusting Bill and I to be parents to YOUR children.  Thank you for making the path clear financially for us to adopt again.  We praise your name and lift you on high!



  1. I just recently found your blog through the Lifeline yahoo group. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey and it will be an honor to pray for you during this time. You have beautiful family!

  2. Kelly, I am so excited for you. I only wish I could have been in China at the same time as you. I will be praying for the you and the girls.