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Sam and Piper are doing awesome!!!
Almost home a year--
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Home a week!

 Piper and mommy (in a wig I got in China)
Piper, Joey, and Brighton two photos
Piper blowing bubbles in her shades
samantha--taken by Joey
Joey painting Brighton's fingernails
Cassie finds a wooly bear
sweet Jonny
We are doing awesome!!
The girls are still doing super after a week home.
We got on US time quickly because of our travel home.  We had been up for so long that we
we dead tired on Sunday evening on went to bed at the normal time.
Monday was still a bit blurry but by Tuesday--I was feeling human!
Both girls are still using the Internet for entertainment,  Samantha (oldest) is watching her soap operas and listening to music.  Piper plays games.  We have shopped for various things together--food-shoes-toothpaste-wash cloths.  Funny--you do without alot until you have a teen that is used to a daily regimen.  Both girls always wash their face in the am and at night.
I have never used washcloths--so I needed to go get them when we returned. 
We have been blessed with a ton of food and offers of clothing.  My hubby did a great job of purging some things while I was gone.  We have a small home for the amount of "stuff' we own. We have loads of stuff for the girls and they can feel as if they have the "right of refusal".
I even consigned a few items we were given in hopes of gaining a little cash to start paying on the adoption loan.
We are having a ball with cooking.  Tried my hand at dumplings tonight.  Piper dipped out the meat--Cassie and I rolled (after Samantha showed us a fancy folding technique)..then I fried them in oil.  Samantha made a vegetable soup--cilantro,mushrooms.garlic, water, salt, bok choy.  She loved it.  (She also ate it all so we never got to try it  hee hee)
Food has been a major bonding tool and dinner time is a riot with all of us trying new words.
8 around the dinner table is a hoot.  I am just getting the hang of cooking for two more mouths.
Both girls can put away some food!
Tomorrow we have testing for the school placement.  They will be tested in their Chinese literacy by the Chinese translator the school system employs.  I wanted to ask for prayer for both of them.  They are happy and fun loving girls but both are very scared of starting school.
I cannot blame them!  Samantha will go to middle school and Piper will start in Elementary.
Piper will be at Bill's school since he teaches three days a week there and it is handicap accessible.
I promise to post some photos soon...
I will also try to think of some of the funny antics we have had here in the last 7 days.
I am just amazed at how well the girls are doing.  God has fully prepared them for this transition.  The best thing of all is that they have each other for support.  I am so glad China said YES to two!!!
Much love--
Kelly-Samantha-and Piper

Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"


Home-- what a fiasco!!

Well- We finally made it home.
Here's the events as they took place  (minus the commentary)
Saturday am:
Woke at 5 am- breakfast at 6-- taxi at 7-- airport for flight at 8
Left Guangzhou for ShangHai at 9:30 and arrived on time around 11:30.
Had a 5 hour layover and took off for the USA- newark airport at 4:55 pm.
Flew for 14 hours to be told we were half hour away from Newark and we were re-routing to Cleveland.
(Very bad storms in the newark area and high winds)
Sat at a gate for an hour in cleve.---  took off again for newark
finally landed - one kid barfing- around 9 (total flight and landing and take off and landing time-- 17 hours.
When we arrived at the airport I already new my flight was cancelled out to baltimore.
Decided I might rent a car or stay at a hotel.  Since Piper was airsick I was in no hurry to board a plane.
it was plain to see there was a huge amopunt of people stranded in the airport.  There were no avilable hotel room...no available cars...even amtrak was closed due to power problems between Newark and Philly.
We had another couple with us and separated to find our way home.  They were already booked on a 6 am flight.
Since I was last off the plane and then last to customs I was not told what was going on with luggage etc.
I found my things on the carousel and figured nothing was being done for anyone since it was a weather problem.  (TRUE)
We spent several hours navigating customs and looking for any way out of the airport--- or to home.
We ended up resting on the floor until about 3:30am.  I decided then to check the car rentals again.
This was only done through using the airtrain and pushing the luggage (with Piper riding on top) all over the airport property.
I did find a car available but they would not rent to me because I do not have a credit card. --only debit.
(dead end again)  back to the terminal using the monorail.
Finally around 6 am I decided to try the amtrak.  Found a train going to BWI station at 8:28.
booked via internet....took airtrain again to another point at the airport and began the wait.
At 8:15 the train was cancelled. (are you rolling your eyes yet?)
Of course the staff that manned the desk did not come in until 9 am. Luckily there was a staff person(heading so that said to use the same ticket and just get on the next train.  We did that and boarded at 10:30 for arrival at the BWI amtrak station at 1:30pm
Arrived at statopn ontime and finally met up with my hubby and two kiddos (Cassie and Joey)  Bill had preached and left church after the message to come get me!!
So --all total...travel was 41 hours from the first flight to my doorstep home.

Kelly Rumbaugh





Don't forget to look in the dropshots.

I am just reminding you guys that there are so many more photos and video on the dropshots site.
all new photos are under 2003.
my camera date won't set
much love--until Saturday am.
  kelly XC and SQ

All the Loose ends are tied---We are coming home!!!

Angela and the goat
"welcome" spelled out in coffee beans at the breakfast buffet
Chicken feet at the store...just open and eat!
SiQi--Piper-- playing on the computer
a typical CHinese street.  A little store set up under a temporary roof...
            clothing hanging from the windows...small alleys for streets
I know i did not write last night except to send the post for the Peeples family.
They are coming back to the States so thank you for your prayers!
We are all ready to leave.  The girls and i packed this am and got everything in the suitcases.
Amazing.  I have to be careful how much luggage I have because we really only have two carriers and at any given point--I may need to help SiQi walk/ride an escalator.  Thank goodness luggage dolly's are free in ShangHai.  We will have to get our luggage and re-check at Continental.  Our layover is 5 hours which seems so long...before a 14 hour flight...ugh.  We do have friends---a ladybug family...that is also laid over with us even though they are flying American.  We will hopefully get lunch with them and pass the time. (Jody Steen, her hubby, older daughter Kayla, and newly adopted daughter!)
So---I must get to bed.  We are to be at breakfast at 6 and in the txi by 7.
Sadly...we have to part with angela in the am at the airport.  It will be sooo hard for me.
She is truly like a sister to me.  We laugh and have such a wonderful tijme together.
She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and full of God's spirit.
Whenever i come i always have to say goodbye--not knowing whether there will be a next time.
(I know you all must be saying---those rumbaugh's nmust be done adopting N-O-W!)
Well...my answer is---only God knows..and we will be obedient if we are called.
Xiao Cheng already wants me to cme back for her friend Mao Xiao Zhan.
Who knows but God.
So-- this is it until I post from home.
We get into BWI at 10:30pm Saturday night.  I will porbably post in the early morning hours since
jet lag will be rearing its ugly head.
Blessings to you all.
  Praise God for His rich blessings on my life.  Cannot wait to have all the blessings meet each other!!!
Kelly, XC, and SQ


The Peeples are coming home--to Denver

YES!!! Some of you commented that the Peeples family is coming home.
This is true--they rec'd word last night from the CDC
They have paperwork in order and will fly to Denver.  This is not their home as they are from Mississippi.
They are still in need of help.  They were in guangzhou for twso extra weeks!  The hotel bill is probably draining any extra money they have laying around.  I have been contacted by a friend...who has a friend...In Denver who is willing to offer a room in their home and meals.  Good is so good and I pray this works out!
So-- thank you for your prayers for the Peeples.  They still are not in the air home and so...from experience with a sick child....
please pray they are allowed to boeard the plane and successfully get to Denver!!!
Much love,
kelly XC and SQ
Anpther post a little later before we go to bed.



This family needs our help.  They have been detained involuntarily by the US CDC because their daughter has or had TB.  Please read the message below Russell (the father) sent to me: Please pass this on to any groups you may be a part of if you are in the adoption community.  If you are a church goer, please add them to your prayer list.  Their names are Russell and Lisa Peeples and they have two daughters A.L. (the oldest aslo adopted frm China) and L.K .who is the sweetest little girl ever who is being adopted now.
Here is the link to donate:
(All money goes directly to thier paypal account via a "chip in")
If you wish to send them a check you can contact me personally at   kelly.rumbaugh@gmail.com
Please show this family the heart of Jesus by giving what you can.
Hereis a short ditty about what the family has been going through.
We were given LK's info in August 2009.  She was on the special needs list with a "stiff" right arm and possible brain atrophy.  After reviewing her file and seeing some pictures, we fell in with her.  We could see her using her arm and she didn't appear to have any type of brain problem.  We sent her file to a doctor and she said that could be just delayed development or slow learning.
Several months after we got the ball rolling we were ready to get our plane tickets.  The day we decided to call the travel agency, we were notified that she might have TB.  She had been in the hospital with pneumonia.  In January we had her flown to Guangzhou and the clinic decided she indeed had TB.  After speaking with the MS Dept. of Health and the CDC, several other tests were requested.  Everyone said it was a minor case and she was not contagious so we were given the OK to fly to China to adopt her.
After getting here, we learned another test was requested by the CDC.  It came back as multi-drug resistant.  With only two days before we were scheduled to come back home, they requested a CT scan and a lumbar puncture.  Both results were normal.  Not satisfied with this, they requested another sputum test, which was positive. 
We have been on the phone for many hours speaking with the CDC and doctors trying to get travel approval.  We have agreed to take her straight to the National Jewish Health Center in Denver, CO for treatment at supposedly the top TB hospital in the U.S.  It has been an uphill battle trying to get approval and it has pushed our travel date back almost 2 weeks.
We finally got verbal approval this morning and are "supposed" to have written, official approval tomorrow morning.  Then comes travel to Denver.  In Denver, we need to get a hotel room near the hospital.  Even though they offer discounts to NJH patients, it is still around $80 per night.  In addition, we will have to pay for meals, transportation, laundry, etc.  We have health insurance, but we have not met the deductible for this year.  It is possible we might have to stay in Denver for over two weeks.
I have not been at work for over three weeks, and even though my job is safe because I filed for FMLA, I still do not get paid unless I work.  The plan is to leave Lisa, L K, and AL in Denver with my mother helping out, while I return to work in Mississippi and travel to Denver on the weekends with my dad.
 The chip-in code is below if you wish to add it to your facebook page or blog.
Thanks!!!  Kelly
<object width="250" height="250"><param name="movie" value="http://widget.chipin.com/widget/id/8c9e64360b055a74"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><param name="event_desc" value="This%20family%20is%20stuck%20in%20CHina%20with%20their%20new%20daughter%20who%20is%20testing%20positive%20for%20TB%20Please%20help%20raise%20funds%20for%20the%20extra%20expenses."></param><embed src="http://widget.chipin.com/widget/id/8c9e64360b055a74" flashVars="event_desc=This%20family%20is%20stuck%20in%20CHina%20with%20their%20new%20daughter%20who%20is%20testing%20positive%20for%20TB%20Please%20help%20raise%20funds%20for%20the%20extra%20expenses." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="transparent" width="250" height="250"></embed></object>



Tuesday and Weds in Guangzhou

Well....still not much happening.  The girls have taken over the computer with their QQ.
Angela has to go to the lounge because my computer is always plugged in!
They play games most of the time but then when their friends come home from school....they chat with them.
Finally skyped with the kids tonight.  I am missing them and they are missing their momma.
Three more sleeps for them until I can hug and kiss them goodnight.  Have you ever realized what a blessing it is to be able to do that?  I have missed 15 nights of it so far....I am sorely lacking in the "huggged" department.  Hopefully my mom is loving on them and collecting her hugs :)
Today we went to the consulate for Samantha's fingerprinting.  A 40 minute taxi ride....20 minutes inside...40 minutes back.
Piper got car sick....everywhere...poor thing.   Here favorite skirt with "yuck" all over it.  We cleaned her off and the taxi and threw her into the tub.  She loves her bath.  At first she said she only bathed once a week in the winter.  I can't get her Out of the tub...every day!!!   She will give her brother, Joey, and sister, Brighton a run for "the longest bath!! 
Tomorrow is the Oath at the consulate....they tell us how this is the last step and how much they know what a huge undertaking the adoption paperwork can be...say congratulations....make you swear you did not lie...and it over!!!  It used to be that you could leave the very next day...now you have to wait to get the passport back with the VISA the next day.  That will be Friday and by 9:30 pm your time Friday night...we will be jet setting to Shanghai....then on flight 0086 to Newark arriving at 6:30 pm Saturday night (your time)  Then another plane hop on Continental from Newark to Baltimore arriving at 10:30pm Saturday.  In all, 24 hours of travel. We will be wiped out but if anyone wants to come say HI---we would love it!
OK..so, no photos today but I promise for some tomorrow.  Cameras are not allowed at the consulate but i am going to Shamian for some shopping in the am.  Maybe I can catch some sights for you.
So--until tomorrow--
hugs and kisses to you---Praises to the Father!!
Kelly, XC, and SQ 




Sorry that is located under march 4th....

Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"

not much happenin right now

It has been very quiet.
Tb tests were read yesterday and they were fine!
Today we relaxed in the hotel----cold here and rainy.
Tomorrow more appointments begin
WEDS:  consulate appoinment and Samantha's finger prints must be taken
THURS:  we go to the consulate for the oath
FRI  Angela will pick up the girl's passports with their visas!
SAT--  leave early for home.
I will leave you with one photo.
Remember the sock???   full of money???
Take alook at the photo....
I must say--these girls are priceless and worth a hundred fold themoney that was in that sock.
Praise God for His bountiful blessings-
kelly XC & SQ
Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"