Home a week!

 Piper and mommy (in a wig I got in China)
Piper, Joey, and Brighton two photos
Piper blowing bubbles in her shades
samantha--taken by Joey
Joey painting Brighton's fingernails
Cassie finds a wooly bear
sweet Jonny
We are doing awesome!!
The girls are still doing super after a week home.
We got on US time quickly because of our travel home.  We had been up for so long that we
we dead tired on Sunday evening on went to bed at the normal time.
Monday was still a bit blurry but by Tuesday--I was feeling human!
Both girls are still using the Internet for entertainment,  Samantha (oldest) is watching her soap operas and listening to music.  Piper plays games.  We have shopped for various things together--food-shoes-toothpaste-wash cloths.  Funny--you do without alot until you have a teen that is used to a daily regimen.  Both girls always wash their face in the am and at night.
I have never used washcloths--so I needed to go get them when we returned. 
We have been blessed with a ton of food and offers of clothing.  My hubby did a great job of purging some things while I was gone.  We have a small home for the amount of "stuff' we own. We have loads of stuff for the girls and they can feel as if they have the "right of refusal".
I even consigned a few items we were given in hopes of gaining a little cash to start paying on the adoption loan.
We are having a ball with cooking.  Tried my hand at dumplings tonight.  Piper dipped out the meat--Cassie and I rolled (after Samantha showed us a fancy folding technique)..then I fried them in oil.  Samantha made a vegetable soup--cilantro,mushrooms.garlic, water, salt, bok choy.  She loved it.  (She also ate it all so we never got to try it  hee hee)
Food has been a major bonding tool and dinner time is a riot with all of us trying new words.
8 around the dinner table is a hoot.  I am just getting the hang of cooking for two more mouths.
Both girls can put away some food!
Tomorrow we have testing for the school placement.  They will be tested in their Chinese literacy by the Chinese translator the school system employs.  I wanted to ask for prayer for both of them.  They are happy and fun loving girls but both are very scared of starting school.
I cannot blame them!  Samantha will go to middle school and Piper will start in Elementary.
Piper will be at Bill's school since he teaches three days a week there and it is handicap accessible.
I promise to post some photos soon...
I will also try to think of some of the funny antics we have had here in the last 7 days.
I am just amazed at how well the girls are doing.  God has fully prepared them for this transition.  The best thing of all is that they have each other for support.  I am so glad China said YES to two!!!
Much love--
Kelly-Samantha-and Piper

Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"

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