Quick Update on the paperwork process....

We are quickly gathering all documents for our home study agency, adoption agency, and dossier. We are hoping to be DTC by the end of the year so we can "press" China for our LOA.
We will be submitting our dossier to the CCAA without the I-800 approval...this will be sent as soon as we can get it. Our placing agency feels it is good to get the dossier over to China and reviewed while waiting for the approval.
We are still needing our fire marshall inspection as well as a few other "doable" items.
Please pray the fire marshall comes in a timely manner. I will be calling them, in the morning to check on the status of our application.
I will be making a trip to Harrisburg, Pa for Bill's birth cert authentication on Tuesday---
always a fun trip with my mom and kids...

Thanks for your prayers--keep 'em coming...we will NEED them for the next three months!!


  1. I'll be praying for you guy's Kelly.
    That paperwork is something else, I can't imange what it must be like for two.
    Keep up the amazing job your doing, You have such a passion;)

  2. The Meyer family is praying for you!!!

  3. Hey Kelly! I'll be praying too! We are at the same stage in our adoption i believe!

  4. This is all just so amazing Kelly.
    Why does the fire marshall have to come? We never did that. Must be a state thing. If you've lived there for the last few adoptions, why go through it again? Wait. I know already. Just like everything else. Just keep swimming (from Nemo!) girl.
    I am in awe of how God is blessing your family!!