Putting our life into HIGH gear!

Hey everyone!
Merry Christmas and BIG blessings to all of you!
First- a huge thanks to all who have donated...by paypal chip-in or by mail!
We are so blessed by those of you who feel called to help the fatherless!

We are currently bustling around after having our son Joseph hospitalized for 15 days.
During that time, we also had Brighton in and out for her surgery for hydrocephalus.
What a fun night to have TWO in the hospital together- and mommy and daddy got to stay together too. Many thanks to big sister Karli for keeping the "fire burning" at home.

Joseph came home last Friday night and what a night it was. The children had missed each other so much. It just warmed my heart to see them play and interact. Joey is doing well, although, he is on a slew of meds right now for fluid retention and blood vessel dilation.
he is tolerating it well to say the least.

The adoption had almost come to a standstill while we were dealing with Joseph. We had our fire marshall visit and also gathered the last of the documents. Our home study visit has been postponed two times now because of Joey and weather - we got 20 inches of snow over the weekend. Our visit will be tomorrow morning, with hopes of the finished product being sent
to CIS on Tuesday! Our dossier will head to Annapolis for state certification and then D.C. for authentication. Lifeline should have it in their hands by 12/31!

We are asking for prayer warriors to come before the throne on our behalf. This process with CIS and the CCAA will be VERY expedited. I am not worried about CCAA but I am concerned about USCIS- There are many people who have given me advice and so I pray that with God we can get this done! Lifeline would like to see me travel BEFORE Chinese New Year on 2/14!
That means about 4-5 weeks to process!

We are currently still seeking funds from some granting organizations. I know God has a plan and I have seen him work so many times before in our adoptions! I cannot wait o see what is in store for us this time! Praising Him for His faithfulness always!!

Well- this has been your quick update on our family and the adoption of Samantha Hope and Piper Joy!
Most likely, I am going to start a journal where I can send automatic updates- I will post to my groups etc. when I manage to get this done.

In Him and through Him alone-


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  1. So glad to hear Joey is home. Is Miss B out of the hospital? This is her first Christmas in your family, right?
    I will pray for your home study and that the paperwork moves quickly.
    Merry Christmas!