God is moving mountains---

I NEVER get tired of praising God for His evidence in my life.
he is always there but I love to show others the blessings He gives us--

If any of you are familiar with the USCIS (Immigration), you know that they
are never in a hurry to process paperwork. The first part of the process to adopt an orphan usually takes 60-90 days. This is called the I-800A. When you are approved you get a letter stating you are approved to adopt your child(ren).

I sent my paperwork to the USCIS on 12/30/09. I knew it went to a "clearing house: where they took out the check---then it was sent to the processing center. Once my check had cleared I knew it was in the right place and would be assigned an officer soon. I had my wonderful agency worker named Karla start calling every day--- A week passed and no one was assigned our case. Panic was setting in as I know every day is a precious 24 hours to get Samantha home.
Karla and I both knew there wasn't anything more she could do but make that call daily.

Finally, Tuesday, I got a call from her. She said she had spoken to an officer that was going to personally go "find my file" and start working on it!! Oh Praise Him--- someone who actually realizes it is a child's life we are fighting to save! Officer Harrison is so kind and she communicated with me via e-mail all week. On Thursday, she e-mailed me a copy of our fingerprinting notice...you HAVE to have this to go get fingerprinted. (This is a trip to Baltimore for us--about an hour) She said she has cleared the way for us to go on FRIDAY-- even though our appointment was not until 1/29! WOW!

So, Friday morning, Bill and I packed up Joey and Brighton and headed down to the Inner harbor for our fingerprinting-- We walked in and it took about 20 minutes to do. We headed back home so Bill could get in a half day at the church. I quickly e-mailed the Officer and told her we had been printed. In an hour and a half we had our approval e-mailed to us!!!

So-- God is moving and we are shouting His praises from the rooftops!

next up--we wait for China to issue their Letter to us seeking confirmation we still "want the girls" Hopefully that will come early this week if not today!

Thanks for your prayers--I pray you stop by again to see what God has done!


  1. Praying for you and the girls, can't wait to see God's miracles!! Charlotte

  2. God is Good. I will be watching and praying for them. It will all work out! Your plight and prayers give me strengthened faith.
    Jill :)

  3. Praise God! I love hearing of His hand in adoptions. Thank you for posting and sharing your story. We just - tonight - asked to put a little girl on hold. She isn't even 3, has had at least two surgeries, and likely needs another one. I am going to bookmark you so I can follow your story and pray. Our blog is www.burgessfamilyadoption.blogspot.com