Guangzhou -Sunday 2/28

the first few are of Xiao Cheng anbd the puppies
Then there is one of some giant mushrooms drying in the sun at the spice market
There are some photos of church as well. 
 I love the one that says GIVE THANKS....
 My heart was so full when I sang this song this morning.  It was such a powerful song to me at this point in the trip.
I have a wonderful daughter that has a very special birthday tomorrow.  Many children dread this birthday in China because it signals the end for them.  God worked a miracle for Xiao Cheng...I cannot even fathom her being set out without care or shelter.  I only pray that somehow our story reaches others and God begins to work on their hearts about adoption.  
Hey everybody!
Another fantastic day here with my girl!~
We started out with church on the island.  I have been many times but
I still get very choked up to see so many Chinese worshipping the Lord.
I am just blown away by the sermons and testimonies given to the church congregation.
Today was no different!
Later in the day we met up with friends Jill and Jiliang Koeppe...they are so much fun.
Jiliang is three and Xiao Cheng really does well with her.  They have hit it off beautifully.
Jill came over to our hotel and was treated to a walk through the spice market and pet market.
We also watched some Chinese comedy on Tv and had a fantastic dinner.
I don't know if i have told you but Xiao Cheng loves SPICY food...not just hot but really spicy!!
We finally found a dish she said was hot enough for her.  It was a simple noodle bowl that was made spicy and then she added
even more red pepper mix on top.  We were all sweating by the time we were finished. YUMMY.
(That noodle bowl was for Amy Burch)
So..Xiao cheng is coming out of her shell little by little.   She does know some English but she doesn't want to try to speak it.
I guess she will wait until she has to...Right now she does looks to Angela for everything to be translated. She is quite the little sprite...just flitting fromplace to place...racing to the elevator everywhere...she loves to investigate...sometimes i turn around and cannot find her...she is usually looking at something she has never seen before.  This happens especially in the pet market.  She loves the dogs but also has handled rabbits, mice,gunea pigs...she is gentle with them and very sweet.
I must say I am getting excited to meet Piper (SIQI)--  just two days away!~
Tomorrow is Xiao Chengs 14 th birthday....I have no idea what we will do but I want it to be very speciaL.
Hugs to all of you----I am ready to crash!
Have a wonderul SON day....Kelly and Xiao Cheng



  1. I hope you have a wonderful day with Xiao Cheng on her birthday! Our boy we are paperchasing for will be turning 6 yrs old on the same day and his name is Xiao Dai. How's that? We will be thinking of your girl while we celebrate in our hearts our boy!

  2. Oh Kelly, how poignant that Xiao Cheng is having her 14th birthday in China with her MOTHER! God is marvelous! Love, Petrie

  3. Yeah! Kelly. I love that her birthday is going to be a special blessing instead of the curse she was dreading. I'm sure your heart is so full. SO happy for you guys. Love the pictures. Can you get one of those puppies in your carry on?

  4. Give Thanks, indeed! She is beautiful, and looks so happy:)
    Happy early Birthday, Xiao Cheng!
    And say hello to Angela for me:)