Another day in Guangzhou--meeting Jill and JiLiang!

Today was a day of rest for all of us.
We skyped early with family and headed to breakfast around 10.
We saw many families that arrived last night from the respective provinces.
Most had their medical appointments today. We just hung around the room.
The highlight of the day was meeting a cyber friend---Jill Koeppe and her new daughter JiLiang.
We had a great meal at the "American" restaurant Lucy's.  Xiao Cheng managaed to find a noodle
dish to her liking as well as some onion rings I shared with her.  She also had her first american candy bar tonight
which was a crispy crunch bar I brought from home.  (She says she does not like sweet things...but she
does like chocolate!)
So-- I leave you with more photos and not much journaling for today.
Most are from the dinner and my flash does not want to work.  The aerial shot is of the market we walk through to get
to Shamian Island.  It is only about 4 blocks but we walk through a pet market and then the spice market!  Very cool.
Angela promises the pets are for PETS... not food.  Lots of fish, turtles, birds, kittens, and puppies. Xiao Cheng really loves the puppies.
Hugs to all---
Kelly and Xiao Cheng

Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"


  1. Wow-that's awesome! I've been following both of your blogs. So great that you could meet up-we were delayed on our trip and ended up alone in GZ.

    Have a great time together!

  2. Kelly,
    I had NO IDEA you were going to China already! Wow, Samantha is lovely! Can't wait until she comes out of her shell a little more and you can really get to laugh with her. Hope it doesn't take long. Thanks for posting on the China Heart group because I dind't know you had this blog. I would have been following it all along if I had known about it. Looking forward to your meeting with Piper. Hope Joey is doing well now, too. Love, Petrie

  3. gotta LOVE Lucy's! still drool everytime I think about their green coconut chicken curry dish!

    we walked thru that market one day- the smells and sights were amazing- got some great photos!

    has samantha tried coke yet?

  4. Kelly - Gideon always enjoyed the U-Don dish - typically a specialty - it's served in a large "serving" type bowl and is a soup with long noodles, meat, some greens and an egg on top. Perhaps Samantha will like it too - btw, we cont to pray for you ALL every night. Blessings on your picking up Piper - we are praying hard for her to trust and accept you!! Hugs! MaryK