Its final ~~~ she is a Rumbaugh!

This morning at approximately 9 am Miss Xiao Cheng became Samantha Hope!
She was so shy at her interview but actually wrote her sentence allowing us to be her parents.
The questions were routine and then the interview was over....
We went to the White Swan later to take photos by the falls. We had fun.
She loved the fish but stayed clear of the edge of the water,  I sensed a definite
fear there of the water.
The White swan is beautiful but I am really sold on the Holiday Inn ShiFu...
It is lovely. the staff is helpful and speaks English.  the buffet is large and plentiful as well.
As we did last time.graded to the executive floor.  This is actually saving us money since our
room did not include breakfast or internet.  or a fee of 260 Yuan more we get 2 breakfasts and the
internet as well as use of the executive lounge.  The lounge has cold drinks, fruit, and dessert available all day (free).
Also, there is happy hour and hot/cold appetizers from 4-7 (free).  It is so worth the upgrade as we can easily eat dinner at happy hour and we slip in many times a day for a cold soda or water.
Xiao Cheng, as she wishes to be called, is still super shy and does not say anything unless we directly ask her.
We even met other families today with children but she really stayed to herself.   I guess we will see what happens when Piper is with her!  I pray she opens up.  She has an adorable personality when we get to see it.  She loves the silly
shows on tv and giggles alot.  I have to tell you...I let out a huge burp today and she laughed so hard...I may have to let another one "slip" to see her laugh hard tomorrow.....  ok..TMI???  You all that really know me...you know how much I love to joke and kids around :)
Tonight we had dinner with 6 other Lifeline Children's services families. (www.lifelineadoption.org) They were all great.  Two special  ones we met were "Ladybug" families.
They had used the service Angela and I provide and we finally got to meet them.  It was awesome.  God's hands in action..as we met the very people we serve for Him.  Truly our service is a ministry...we love our families and try to serve them as if we are serving the Lord.
So-- thats about it for today.  Loved spending some time with my newest girl!   I have also skyped with my mom and the kids/hubby back home.  What a blessing to see them and them to see me/Samantha!
Much love to you all-
Kelly and Samantha--Xiao Cheng!~


  1. Kelly - Your blog is what is getting me up in the morning!! I lay in bed and think "I should get up" and then I think about your blog and I get JUMP out of bed and run downstairs!! Samantha looks so HAPPY with you. You can see it in her eyes. She is beyond beautiful!! And it seems like she has such a wonderful personality and such a sweet spirit. I can't wait to see her personality come out even more as she becomes more comfortable.

    I am eating up everything you write about older children. I cannot wait to bring an older child home, though I have to wait because my oldest (8) refuses to give up her oldest child status!! Thanks for writing about the executive floor. I didn't even realize they had that. We will definitely be doing that next time!! Have a wonderful day/night and I will be jumping up tomorrow to read more!!

    Tell Angela hi for me!!

  2. Kelly, I love reading your updates. Samantha is beautiful. Too cute about her laughing at the burp!!! :) :)

    BTW I checked out the 7 day forecast in Xining and it looks decent! The lows are in the mid teens and the highs are in the lower 50s. Thats not too bad IMO.

  3. Hooray! Praying for the transition process as this young lady's life is being turned inside out. Love you, Kelly!

  4. Congratulations, again, Kelly & Samantha! :) She just looks so sweet...and pretty!

    So funny what it took to get her to laugh too....oh well...whatever it takes, right?

    Have fun together!


  5. Truly truly amazing!!! You are one amazing woman and mother to many!! Congratulations :) She is beautiful!!

  6. Hooray!!!! She is all yours!!!!! Praying for her to feel deep comfort as she begins to get to know you. Let those burps fly!!!!!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful, absolutely stunning, and can't wait to see Piper too!
    I'm so glad you shared info about the Shifu Holiday Inn, as that is where we hope to stay. Once you are home, here is our blog to follow along

  8. Kelly,
    I am so happy for you!! I have been crying tears of joy for you! So happy for you. God is amazing and that is a total understatement! /We are faithfully praying for you.

  9. Kelly, Samantha is so beautiful! We look forward to your blog daily and cannot wait for you to also have Piper in your arms! Thanks for sharing these precious moments!
    Mary Kate Keffeler
    Mom- waiting for Shasha

  10. Kelly,
    She is beautiful!!! Blessings to you and yours!

    Shannon Pierro

  11. LOVE the pictures @ the white swan and at starbucks! what a happy happy day for Xiao Cheng! :)

    keep posting stuff- we're over here praying for you guys! <3!

  12. Very cool Kelly, I am so happy for you and your new daughter. I am sure it is super scary for her leaving all she knows but yet so excited at the same time. (and vice versa) I am glad to hear the Holiday Inn is so good, I had heard that before. I hope your time with Piper comes soon and all goes well!