less than 24 hours~~~

ok...so, I never packed when I said I was going to.
I am the ultimate procrastinator.  UGH

The kids and I had a blast this afternoon with a ton of other adoptive familes from our area.
We celebrated Chinese New Year and had so much fun!   Many of these families I see weekly at my play group.  Some I see once a year.  It was just so cool to see all these families who cherish their chance to parent these children. God sure has worked His hand in this area.  I think there were at least 40 kids from China there!  This is amazing when you think of our rual little county!  I am blessed to have these families for insight and friendship.  Thank you.

So-- I am checked in and I am ready---
Yes-- ready mentally--not physically.

I am being picked up by a friend (who I am gonna owe big time) at 4:00 am.
We'll make it a party by stopping at some gas station for some java...and my favorite--corn nuts.
Have you ever had them??  Tastes like popcorn but very crunchy!  MMMmmmm.

So-- next time I post--I will be in New Jersey--laying over for my flight to Beijing.  I have 5 hours to do..
Keep those prayers coming for the paperwork.  There must be some real miracles happening while I am sitting on a plane the next 24 hours....

Blessings to you all as you join me on the God-Adventure.  I am thrilled to have you along.
I was reminded today that
God is with me all the time...so close he does not even need a seat on the plane!!

Oh!  Church this morning was wonderful.  We had a guest couple playing for us and they are really fantastic.
We sang "Mighty to Save"...It rings so true to me. 
Some of the words include:
 "Savior, He can move the mountains"
...and I fully intend on telling everyone HE DID IT....when I sign the papers for Samantha and Piper in the coming two weeks.  Victory will be ours through HIM.

Amen~~~ Kelly


  1. Dear Kelly,
    You don't know me but I found you on Waiting child yahoo and went to your blog. I am waiting for my little one- got PA TODAY!!! So happy. Just wanted you to know I am praying for you and can't wait to see God work miracles for you. I LOVE the song you mentioned in your post. It gave me the chance to sit her and praise God this morning in your honor! I am praying for the mountains to move for your precious daughters!!! And the quote you wrote about God not needing a seat, that's right because He is holding you in His lap and holding you this whole trip!!!
    Blessings to you!

  2. So excited for the Rumbaugh family! Lots of prayers for safe travels, smooth paperwork, health, timely connections, new relationships between mama and girls...and many more. Will keep praying. Looking forward to seeing His amazing plans unfolding. In His Love, Anne Calhoun