Back to Guangzhou and Medical Exam

Yesterday was full of excitement and then the long flight to Guangzhou.
We were graciously injvited to cme to visit SiQi's orphanage and went around 8:30.
We had arned her with gifts for her 6 special friends and she went in with a smile ear-to-ear
and the bag of gifts.
We were warmly welcomed by the excutive director who thanked me for giving SiQi a home.  It is wonderful to see the caring heart of her director and see the genuine love for SiQi in her eyes. She was dressed in a nbusniness suit but gently hugged SiQi and gave her a special framed gift her friends had made her  We were shon around the entire SWI and every floor was explained to us.
SiQi was actually living in a family arrangment at the SWI.  She was part of an apartment there which housed 6 children and had two "mamas".  This was the setting for all the early photos I have of her.  I did not get to see her mamas --they were in meeting because their children were at school.
School takes place at the SWI for many children.  The children Piper was schooled with (her 6 friends) met every day in a classroom on the fifth floor.  They were all mentally capable of learning but physically challenged in some way.  They had two teachers ina room with new desks and a white board. They also had a separate area in the room with a table and an area to be more active.
Siqi went in this room as if she was a star!!  there were hugs and waves from all the friends. The teachers rushed to her and gave her hugs.  It was so special to see her have one last hurrah at the orphanage with her friends.  She delivered gifts and helped them all get them out of the boxes.  There was so much excitement!
Going ot the orphanage for her was a great experience.  it helped her have a little closure as well as let everyone know she could stay in touch.  I have now downloaded the Chinese version of instant messenger and they both already have screen names.  They play the games-  grow gardens like farmville on facebook...play other kids types of games...and most of all...both have already done the "QQ" with their friends and teachers!  I know I am seriously gonna have to limit copmputer time for these two.  They allowed Angela to squeeze in a late birthday cake for mama but went right back to QQ.
Most of you know my birthday was yesterday.  It is true that my greatest gift is two new daughters.  How cool to remember this birthday in CHina in later years.  I had the priviledge of listening to my girls and Angela sing Happy birthday to me in English.
both girls knew it aLready.
So on to today!   We had our medical appoinment today.  This is routine as part of the application for a visa INTO the US.
We go there and they are checked--basic stuff like ENT/eye exam/weight and height. They are also checked by a doctor --especially if they have a written special need.  The doctor thoroughly went over SiQi...asking her to rotate her wrists...raise her arms...looked at her feet etc...
the shots!
OK-- I am seriously ready to put the "momma bear" face on and sit in front of whatever commitee to speak my mind about mandatory immunizations before being allowed a visa.  My girls both were subjected to four shots and a TB test.  This is absolutely ridiculous that they are mandatory.  Whoever is in charge of the legislation to STOP this requirement...I want them to contact me.
I am just a mom....but...these kids were terrified...and cried.  My grown up girl, Xiao Cheng hid her face while tears streamed down.  She would not talk to any of us for over an hour.  It hurt her and it hurt her feelings.  I simply cannot express how upset I am over this.  I knew it was new legisltaion that never affected me....but...I am now on a mission for the children and the parents.
I met a mom this morning at the medical exam whose 3 year old child needed 6 shots.  She was torn...they would give them with a few days in between but then she would have to be here another week.  I am not sure about others....but...I have never allowed my kids to have more than 2 or 3 shots at once.  I always say I will bring them back.  What about the child who then develops a fever?  a sore arm?  or leg?  My girls are doing well. (ice cream and a new doll helped)  but there were a lot of young children and babies.
ok-- enough,  Please contact me via e-mail if you know of anyone who is ready to take a stand on this subject. (thanks)
After the medical we walked to the bank to exchange money (OH...another thing--the shots cost me about 160.00---insurance would have been 10.00!!)  and take the girls to ice cream.  We also passed and went in to a shop that had baby dolls...about 24 inches tall...I got each of the  girls one.  Very cute.  Xiao cheng had proceeded to feed her baby ice cream and give her a bath with a wet one this evening..  She is also an expert doll hair stylist :)
We are now back in the room-- we got a great dinner of chiken wings, mangos, grape tomatos, and noodles.  It cost me about 10.00  Unbelievable!!  we hand picked our tomatoes and mangos at the market an dit cost me 13 yuan..$2.00!!  At least somewhere in the world we can eat healthy and not go broke.  We followed our dinner with cake!  MMMMmmmmm.
Thats about it here... The girls are doing great together and have slipped into the sister role very easily!  Xiao Cheng is the protector/helper and SiQi just wants to do and eat everything her big sister does!   My heart is about to burst!
Family:  I miss you so bad!!!  It really stinks we have to separate our family in order to build our family.  It is only for a short while and I know you are fine.  I just wanna big snuggle with mykids and hubby.  (Ya can't do that on skype)
Church:  Praise God for the blessing you have bestowed upon our family.  we are grateful beyond words.  Thanks for taking care of my hubby and children while I am on this mission.
We will go to church again tomorrow...yippie!!  Cannot wait to praise God with his body of believers here in China!
HUgs to all--- 6 more days
Kelly XC ans SQ


Kelly Rumbaugh





  1. I am absolutely thrilled to see your girls--they are both so beautiful! I am drawn to tears for Piper. I adopted a clubbed feet girl in 2006, and have advocated for kids with that special need since that time. I specifically heavily advocated for Piper beginning in January 2009 when I saw such a lovely girl that was available. I had several people inquire about her and I pointed them in her direction, but doors closed because she was waiting for you, her Momma, to find her! I even contacted the agency about getting an exception for my cousin to adopt her, but the CCAA would not consider that because my cousin is single. So, needless to say, when I found out that you were adopting Piper and discovered your blog where I could follow along with her forever family, I was delighted! Give that precious girl a hug--I feel such love for her and am THRILLED that she is coming home!

    Lois O'Brien
    Mommy to a clubbed-foot girl from China

  2. One more thing that is quite ironic: I was just looking at the post on my blog where I asked people to contact me so that I could pass along the agency's listing of Piper, and found what I wrote at that time: "She is absolutely precious with a beautiful smile that will just bring joy to your heart." Pretty fitting for Piper JOY, don't you think?!

    Lois O'Brien

  3. HI Kelly, Steve and I spent the day with Bill and the kids. We got lots done and will go back during the week. Bill is working har dto get the girls room done, and by golly, it will be! Cassie read me the entire book, "A Fly Went By" she is a terrific reader! Johnny and Joe were super helpful. Brighton was wearing 5, yes 5, pairs of pants!And no shirt! They are so sweet and missing their momma and are ready to meet their sisters. Can't wait to see y'all. Love reading your posts. God surely is Great!Beth

  4. Kelly,

    I totally agree with you about the shots. Senate bill 1376 was introduced by Amy Klobuchar of Minn. It's in committee. It doesn't seem to have enough co-sponsors to make it to the Senate floor.

    Congressman Bill Delahunt of Mass introduced a House bill back in 1997 that allowed our adopted children to not have all the shots but it was over-ridden (whatever the right word would be!) by the Hague. I've called his office and asked him to introduce a bill again. His staffer was going to bring it to his attention.

    Unfortunately, I read on the web the other day that Delahunt is going to retire. It was just a headline, so I'm not sure the date of his retirement. I'll look into it more next week and try to call him again.

    There also was a co-sponsor of the 1997 bill who I think is still in the House. I'll call Delahunt's office next week and ask if they know about the co-sponsor. Hopefully between the two of them, we can get this back through Congress.

  5. precious precious precious pics! can't get over how much more construction is going on in Shamian since we left in november- crazy!

    can't wait to meet the girls face to face!

  6. Oh man, I'll be there adopting two soon. I dread the shots already and I agree with everything you said. Your girls are sooo cute and pretty though!! God bless you all!!

  7. I will back you up with the shots all the way. Some of my kids get high fevers with the shots and that is only when they have had 2 or 3. I am not looking forward to MingMings medical appt. Sincerely, Grace