Bravery and Barbies

eleven years old....fourteen years old....
the decision of a lifetime.  Yes..I will go.
These girls have left everything they know to have something
they have "heard of" and "been told about"
Can you imagine leaving everything you have known? 
 tastes, smells, familiar faces, language, their bed, their friends
I am so amazed at the bravery of these two girls I have the honor of calling "daughter".  They are precious to me already and
I have only known them for a short while.  Both girls are very independent and I know the Lord has equipped them for this.
I have to give God all glory for His provisions...Before time began He knew they were to be in our family.  Thank you , Lord is not enough.

Piper is doing great...she is easy going and easy to please.
She was very scared yesterday but a little humor and we got through it
The ladies were very kind and reassured her she would be ok. 
We came back to the hotel and relaxed a bit.  Xiao cheng went straight for the TV and I broke out the UNO game.
Angela helped her play the first game and then she was ready.  Beat me 2 out of 4 games!  It was fun bonding with my girl.
She was so fun and got such joy out of giving me the "draw four" card!!
We had noodles in theroom and then came the computer!!  This girl is a POKER player...she got on the "games" section of my computer and went to solitaire--then poker.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  
She had played every game when i said it was time for bed.  
I was ready for the tears as the lights went down and she began to think....but all I heard was a yawn...then her sister snoring :)
She fell alseep and rested well until it was time to get up around 7.
We went back to the civil affairs office for the finaliztion of piper's adoption.  It was quick
and painless....just had some questions to answer.
Every official always asks---why do you want to adopt this child?
As a parent I cannot fully answer that in one day!!! 
 I said  loved the Chinese children and we thought she was perfect for our family.  (and she is)
So-- it is now final--she is PIPER JOY RUMBAUGH.  She says she does not care if we call her Piper...but for now it is SiQi.
i want to respect her culture while we are here.  I told her we can call her that as long as she wishes. 
She said--I don't care-doesn't matter to me..   My kinda girl-- Go With the F-L-O-W...
So we went to get gifts for her friends.  We hot to the toy department and came back with Barbies galore!
The girls got some too and they have been doing hair and changing dresses since we returned!  Piper has taken to calling Samantha Jie Jie (big sister in Chinese) already!  I love it.  They are so sweet together and I know the bond of this experience wil be huge. (um,....and they have to share a room  ha ha)  Samantha is already protective of Piper.  She rolled her eyes today when someone was staring at Piper. (Her feet are clubbed and one of her knees does not bend much so she has a distinct walk.)
I asked her what was wrong....she told me...and i said-- I know.   Piper is really oblivious to the stares...she is independent and focused on herself and what she is doing.  I am very proud of her.
Well....I am going to go get some sleep.
Tomorrow we see the orphanage and then off to guangzhou!
Will "report in"   again asap!!
Hugs to all and keep thjose copmments coming.  I get them at my e-mail but i cannot "post" them from here.
I read every one and appreciate every one!!!
Thanks for the prayers---I am in heaven...(except I miss my family horribly)
Kelly, Xiao CHeng(Samantha) and SiQi  (Piper)

Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"


  1. Kelly, we don't know each other but I am so happy for you..I admire you r love and devotion for kids and the LORD!!!! You go girl...my daughter (almost 14) saw your pics of Xiao Cheng and she wants to meet her! We are the family in Shrewsbury PA, remember? We are close! When you get home and settled, maybe we can meet up??

    I can't wait to get Jace!!!!

    Blessings to all!!!!!

  2. Kelly I am so happy that Piper is transitioning well! I have been praying for you guys! Hope you are enjoying your special time in China with your beautiful and brave girls!!!


  3. I'm so happy to see another little treasure has joined her forever family...Praise the Lord! I loved reading about how Samantha is already being a big sister to Piper, they will surely have a unique bond. And I agree with you...they are super brave! Congratulations again!!!

  4. Words can't describe the happiness I am feeling right now for you!! Piper is wonderful and boy does her name suit her!! She is a beautiful young lady inside and out!! My prayers are with you today as you go back to the orphanage. I'm am so grateful that things seem to be going better than expected with Piper so far. Have a wonderful day today. I can't wait to read all about it!!

  5. Kelly,

    I feel like shouting, she said yes, she said yes. I am addicted to your journey with these girls. It never gets old to see a Family join together. What Beautiful, thoughtful remarkable children God has given you!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!
    -Bonnie V.

  6. Kelly, I've been racing to my computer every morning to see your next posts!! I am so happy that your girls are doing so well! You are a great mama! Praying each day!

    Amy P.

  7. Kelly, Piper is beautiful!!! Both girls have the most beautiful smiles. There are tears in my eyes this morning as I saw you with your girls. What a miracle!!!
    Hugs and prayers.
    Teresa Tall

  8. Soooooo happy to see your post!! I dash to my computer every morning to see if you've udated. I am so excited for you and your sweet family!

    Hugs, stacy (lcc mama)

  9. Praising God with you, your girls are in your arms!!!
    I do pray that the rest of the trip goes as smoothly as it has so far and the new sisters continue to bond with you and each other.

  10. Oh, Kelly,
    Your posts are giving me such joy! I am so thrilled for you. Praise God for the children he has given you (the whole crew!!) I am so glad that He has given these two girls each other. I can only imagine what will be going through their minds when they meet the rest of the Rumbaugh clan!! May the rest of your journey be watched over and blessed. Please give Angela a big hug from the Jobes! Tell her Olivia is 8 now!
    With Love

  11. Yes, your precious girls are brave but so are you!!! I am in awe that you are in China alone as the parent and adopting two beautiful girls. You are amazing and I am praying for the three of you! Love all that the girls are doing. They are just precious!!! Love all you are sharing! blessings to you and can't wait to hear more.

  12. That's two precious girls you have there, Kelly! I'm glad it's going well! I'm glad to know the girls are bonding too! Congratulations and have fun with your girls!


  13. oh Kelly! I have been dying to get to a computer and check in on you! We spent the entire day yesterday traveling from Northern California back home to NC!
    Praise GOD for these amazing blessings!!
    Your daughters are beautiful. Praying for times of bonding, for peace that passes all understanding, for favor to go before you and for safe travels home!!
    much love,
    Holly "Mac"

  14. You have had a very long trip. Your grils are very lovely and lucky to have you. I know you must be missing the rest of your family, but in addition to the treasure you give Samantha and Piper, you are speaking to my heart and helping the idea of going again and again to germinate there and take root.

    Safety and blessing.

  15. Awesome, Kelly. Just awesome. Can't wait to meet them!


  16. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! How EXCITING!!!!!! CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see them both with you, Kelly! You're an amazing woman to travel by yourself and they are amazing young ladies for stepping out to new horizons! Just wonderful to follow along this journey!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, if you have a minute, I have a friend DESPERATE for a little help you might be able to provide. ;) If you don't, I understand, but she only has a short amount of time to work with! I'll try your email as well. (if I can find it!)THANKS! =)

  17. Kelly, you're new daughters are absolutely beautiful and amazing! I'm so happy for you and for them! God has truly moved mountains in bringing you all together. What a blessing and an inspiration to read of your experiences with your daughters.

    Thank-you and God bless you.

    Jody from LCC

  18. Kelly!
    I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to follow your journey from a far. Thank you for sharing this very special experience. Congratulations on your precious daughters!!

  19. Kelly, they are just gorgeous and I am so happy for you!!! You are truely blessed!! Our Lizzie was on one of Lifeline's WC lists and they were so great to work with. Rebecca was our guide (in June 08) and I thought I saw her in one of your pics. She was great too! Enjoy your sweet girls!!! I have so enjoyed following your journey!! Will keep you all in my pryaers.

  20. Kelly
    Samantha and Piper are just beautiful! I love Piper's smile. Praying for you that all continues to go well.

  21. Kelly, Having watched Piper wait on the Lifeline list for too long, I cannot tell you the joy I feel inside when I see you hugging her and know that she will be loved and treasured for a lifetime. My heart is full tonight. Sabrina is BEAUTIFUL as well. God is good, isn't He? I can't wait to continue to follow along in their journey home. Praying for continued bonding and safety. In Him, Shelley Mansfield

  22. Oh Kelly! Please don't post my comment with SAMANTHA'S name wrong!!! I had just written an e-mail to a friend about our agency's China contact (Sabrina) and clearly still had that on my mind. I am sorry! Samantha is beautiful!! Her smile lights the picture up!
    So sorry to have written it wrong!

  23. God has truly blessed you and it is so obvious how He hand picked these girls for you. I am in awe how it has just come together. He has given you amazing strength to do this with all that you were going through up to this point and for this i believe He gave you these precious two who understand and appreciate the new steps they are taking towards a totally different life and journey. He has great plans for these two!

  24. The girls are precious. What a blessing to have them in your family and for you all to be together! God is such a loving God, to match the perfect family together - finally! Kelly, I am so inspired and uplifted in my faith to read your posts. Hoping to get TA shortly. Love, Ginny & Crew (a ladybug family)

  25. Yahoooo!!!! Piper!!!!!! OH, it is easy to see the Lord's fingerprints all over this journey! Praying for you!

  26. Kelly,

    Your girls are absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so enjoying your journey with them and their smiles are endless. I am so happy for all of you and it's been so great to see pics of my dear friend Angela. Please give her a great big hug from me and tell her I miss her so much! Blessings to you all as you finish up the last leg of this trip. I can't wait for you to get home and be one BIG happy family. :)

    Much love and blessings,
    Nancy Wong

  27. OH my Kelly! I am beyond excited for you all! PRAISE GOD!!! He is faithful. I am so happy to hear all is going well and I continue to pray for all of your transitions. SWEET girls! God's hand is upon them and they are CHOSEN! Water walkers! Such courage! Thank you Jesus!

  28. Congratulations.....you are one lucky Mommy!!!

  29. WOW< I am in tears, I am so happy! They are a bless. YOu are awsome mom!
    Thank you to shared your journey!

    HUGS from Texas


  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!! What a wondrful birthday present God has given you, two beautiful new daughters!!!! Hope you have a blessed day!!


  31. Waooo!

    Que hermosa, un abrazo fraterno y nuestras bendiciones. Desde Puerto Rico la Isla del Encanto.

    Mily y Manolo

  32. Kelly,
    It is blessing me to watch your beautiful girls. I have been in tears. It is so fun to be apart of your family coming together. Praying for you girl!!Please give Angela a hug for me. I hope to see her this fall!! Waiting for that PA.
    Lyn Thomas