Birthday - fun times!

So we woke to the day with us saying happy birthday to Xiao Cheng.  She did not
seem excited at all.  Nothing specialIi guess---the first thirteen years.
We began with a wonderful skype with dad this am.  Bill had taken the time to write out happy birthday in Chinese for her...and even tried his hand at sayng it. She smiled big and he got to see how beauitful she is through the computer.
We had to go to the police station today to apply for her passport.  The taxi ride there was almost more than my stomach could handle.  I was carsick and could not shake it.  We were only there for about 20 minutes than had to get back in a taxi to go back to the hotel!  I told Angela i did not feel well.  We walked a bit to catch the taxi and then drove all the way back with the windows down--wind blowing at my face!  I survived but even Xiao Cheng said her tummy didn't feel so hot when we returned.
We rested a bit and then wnt over to the island to pick up my friend Jill and her daughter.  There is a huge highway between us with a bridge across.  The problem is getting a stroller up and down the stairs of the bridge  We always go meet her and walk her home...at least up and over the bridge.
We had dinner together and we helped her make arrangements to go home a little early.  She was staying a few extra days...and now has decided--thats not necessary.  She is here alone and missing her hubby and son!   By the way--  I am missing my hubbby and crew as well.  Skype is wonderful but it also makes me want to reach through and grab hugs frm all of them.  Joey unfailingly says...
Mooooommmmmm...... I love you.  UGH...I miss them!
So--we finally got cake for XC at about 9 pm.  it was just the three of us at that point but...more cake for us  ha ha   Angela help the camera....I sang...(sorry) and Xiao cheng blew out her candles.  I am certain for the first time in her life.  Bless her heart...it is only the beginning of what will the first birthday of many with a mom to hug her when she goes to sleep and a dad that tries to say happy birthday in Chinese.
How is it that we are so fortunate that we have a God that would provide us the luxury of raising another child of His?  Some days I cannot fathom the goodness and love He reigns down in my life.  It is utterly amazing that He loves us this much!  Praise Him!
So--I leave you with photos on the dropshots site...um...and the video if you wanna listen to me sing!
Blessings to you from the very blessed momma of Xiao cheng Rumbaugh!
PS-- the first photo is of the Pizza hut delivery guy....bicycle and hot box on the back!
Kelly Rumbaugh
Ladybugs N Love
"connecting families an ocean apart"


  1. Oh Kelly! I have tears streaming down my face! Praise God that she is being celebrated on this important birthday! Praise God that she has a hope and a future full of love from her mama, daddy and siblings....oh may the Lord's love just saturate her soul!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Xiao Cheng!! What a gorgeous cake! WOW! :) I LOVED the video of you singing happy birthday to her too! What an especially sweet moment! So much of the world that has never been explored by her, and praise God that in His wisdom He has chosen to mark this new journey on her birthday and open doors of opportunity and blessing for both of you! Love seeing Angela in your pics! Please tell her the Watt family (especially Andrew) says, "Ni Hao!" :) He said that to everyone we met on the street while we were in China. So funny! Praying for you all!