March 2 - good bye to friends

Today was busy for us.  We ate a late breakfast and talked on skype with daddy and grammy/pappy. 
It is amazing we can click a button on the computer and see our family so far away in "real time".
The kids were asleep already so I missed them.  --and I MISS them.....
We had to say goodbye to two families we have spent time with in the last week, today.
Jill and Jillian will be in Guangzhou until Friday as will the Burris family.
We met Jill and Jiliang at Starbucks for a coffee today and said good-bye to them as they left for their oath
at the US Consulate.  (This is the last step of the adoption...woohooo)
It has been so fun to spend time with them in the last three days.  Jiliang is a real charmer and JIll is as sweet as she can be.
We also said goodbye to the Burris family who adopted Yen this past week.  She is also 13 but is very very tiny for her age.
The girls giggled and laughed tonight while we shopped and had dinner.  We went to a grocery store that was small but had alot of packaged foods.  Xiao Cheng ran up to me with the biggest smile on her face...she has a shrink wrapped chicken wing!!  She asked for three of them anbd immediately chowed on the wing on the walk home.  Bill and I were chatting this am about how she loves hot food.  He said the first place she would go with daddy was out to get HOT SPICY WINGS!!  She will be in heaven!
So, tomorrow is BIG DAY #2!  We catch the taxi at 6 am and head to the airport.  Our flight leaves at 8 and is about 4 hours long.
We should have just enough time to drop our bags at the hotel and then meet Piper - SiQi at 3!!!  I am asuming that she will also want to be called by her Chinese name.  it is pronounced  Suh  chi   The suh is kinda in the back of your throat and is a sound similar to the UH sound...not exact though.  I will try to tape it on the camera and say it for you all.--NO, actually I will make Angela say it...then it will be real CHinese :)  hee hee
Once again, I will arm her with the camera for Gotcha video.  I can only pray that God gives Piper a peace about this adoption.
I have heard from her SWI that she is very scared and does not want to be adopted.  I know God ordained that Xiao Cheng would be with us...she will be pivitol in helping Piper-Siqi!  Thank you Lord for this provision and your mighty hand in these two adoptions.
So-- I leave you tonight with a request to pray for dear sweet Piper.  I can only imagine how terribly frightened she is. 
These girls are so brave.  I pray she allows me the chance to love on her and be there for her when she has any need!
there are lots of new photos and video on the dropshots site....go on over and see all the puppy videos :)
I may come home with a beagle in my suitcase!
Blessings to all of you.  I will try to write tomorrow about the gotcha day!
Thanks for all your prayers as we embark on the next segment of this journey!
Kelly and Xiao Cheng



  1. My prayers are with you! I can tell you are such an amazing person just from reading your blog. I have really enjoyed them and cannot wait for our trip to China to bring our son home!

  2. wow- you guys are totally hanging out a lot at the Qing Ping market- how fun!

    praying for Piper SuQi to have deep peace about this- often the unknown holiday at sea is so foreign to us that we prefer to continue to make mudpies in the slums (requoting C.S. Lewis' Weight of Glory there). Praying Piper will be able to see past her current comfortable situation and grasp how amazing it is she is being adopted.

    keep posting pics! LOVING it!

  3. Kelly! I am praying! Praying for the Lord's peace to deeply touch and fill Piper's heart, praying for wisdom that can come only from Him as you meet her and begin to engage with her. Praying for deep and bonding friendship with she and Samantha. Oh...I cannot wait to see pictures tomorrow!

  4. Praying for you as you meet SiQi. Our dd's name is SiQi also. :-) I am enjoying your posts. Take care.