Don't forget to look in the dropshots.

I am just reminding you guys that there are so many more photos and video on the dropshots site.
all new photos are under 2003.
my camera date won't set
much love--until Saturday am.
  kelly XC and SQ

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  1. Hmmmmm. No update from the middle of the night? Could it be that you were able to sleep? I hope your trip went well and you guys are home safe and sound!! I can't wait to see and read more. You are so inspiring to so many, more than you will ever know. I mentioned you on my Facebook a couple of times. I was talking to a friend of mine who is pregnant with her third child. She was so tired and wondering if she would have more children. We were kind of laughing saying that if we have more kids they will come to us potty trained at least!! I said something about my friend in China adopting 2 older kids and she said "I read their blog!" I'm sure you are helping to plant tiny adoption seeds in many other's hearts and someday they may find themselves with the blessing of adopting these incredible older children. Enjoy your Sunday with your whole family together!! Kind of appropriate that your first whole day home is a Sunday!!