All the Loose ends are tied---We are coming home!!!

Angela and the goat
"welcome" spelled out in coffee beans at the breakfast buffet
Chicken feet at the store...just open and eat!
SiQi--Piper-- playing on the computer
a typical CHinese street.  A little store set up under a temporary roof...
            clothing hanging from the windows...small alleys for streets
I know i did not write last night except to send the post for the Peeples family.
They are coming back to the States so thank you for your prayers!
We are all ready to leave.  The girls and i packed this am and got everything in the suitcases.
Amazing.  I have to be careful how much luggage I have because we really only have two carriers and at any given point--I may need to help SiQi walk/ride an escalator.  Thank goodness luggage dolly's are free in ShangHai.  We will have to get our luggage and re-check at Continental.  Our layover is 5 hours which seems so long...before a 14 hour flight...ugh.  We do have friends---a ladybug family...that is also laid over with us even though they are flying American.  We will hopefully get lunch with them and pass the time. (Jody Steen, her hubby, older daughter Kayla, and newly adopted daughter!)
So---I must get to bed.  We are to be at breakfast at 6 and in the txi by 7.
Sadly...we have to part with angela in the am at the airport.  It will be sooo hard for me.
She is truly like a sister to me.  We laugh and have such a wonderful tijme together.
She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and full of God's spirit.
Whenever i come i always have to say goodbye--not knowing whether there will be a next time.
(I know you all must be saying---those rumbaugh's nmust be done adopting N-O-W!)
Well...my answer is---only God knows..and we will be obedient if we are called.
Xiao Cheng already wants me to cme back for her friend Mao Xiao Zhan.
Who knows but God.
So-- this is it until I post from home.
We get into BWI at 10:30pm Saturday night.  I will porbably post in the early morning hours since
jet lag will be rearing its ugly head.
Blessings to you all.
  Praise God for His rich blessings on my life.  Cannot wait to have all the blessings meet each other!!!
Kelly, XC, and SQ



  1. Kelly,
    We will be praying for you and your safe travels with the girls. I have so thoroughly enjoyed watching your family expand to include these two beautiful young ladies. They are precious! I love the heart that you and Bill have to be open to whatever God calls you to, maybe even XC's friend. You are truly inspiring!

    Lots of hugs and prayers!

  2. Wishing you guys safe travel on the way home!!! May God give you an uneventful flight home!!

  3. You are just about halfway home now!! I hope your flights are going smoothly and you got all your luggage! I can just imagine how excited your kids at home are to get you guys HOME!! I have loved following your amazing journey and I cannot wait to see all the homecoming pictures!! Have a safe rest of the trip and best of luck with that jet lag!! Yuck!!