Tuesday and Weds in Guangzhou

Well....still not much happening.  The girls have taken over the computer with their QQ.
Angela has to go to the lounge because my computer is always plugged in!
They play games most of the time but then when their friends come home from school....they chat with them.
Finally skyped with the kids tonight.  I am missing them and they are missing their momma.
Three more sleeps for them until I can hug and kiss them goodnight.  Have you ever realized what a blessing it is to be able to do that?  I have missed 15 nights of it so far....I am sorely lacking in the "huggged" department.  Hopefully my mom is loving on them and collecting her hugs :)
Today we went to the consulate for Samantha's fingerprinting.  A 40 minute taxi ride....20 minutes inside...40 minutes back.
Piper got car sick....everywhere...poor thing.   Here favorite skirt with "yuck" all over it.  We cleaned her off and the taxi and threw her into the tub.  She loves her bath.  At first she said she only bathed once a week in the winter.  I can't get her Out of the tub...every day!!!   She will give her brother, Joey, and sister, Brighton a run for "the longest bath!! 
Tomorrow is the Oath at the consulate....they tell us how this is the last step and how much they know what a huge undertaking the adoption paperwork can be...say congratulations....make you swear you did not lie...and it over!!!  It used to be that you could leave the very next day...now you have to wait to get the passport back with the VISA the next day.  That will be Friday and by 9:30 pm your time Friday night...we will be jet setting to Shanghai....then on flight 0086 to Newark arriving at 6:30 pm Saturday night (your time)  Then another plane hop on Continental from Newark to Baltimore arriving at 10:30pm Saturday.  In all, 24 hours of travel. We will be wiped out but if anyone wants to come say HI---we would love it!
OK..so, no photos today but I promise for some tomorrow.  Cameras are not allowed at the consulate but i am going to Shamian for some shopping in the am.  Maybe I can catch some sights for you.
So--until tomorrow--
hugs and kisses to you---Praises to the Father!!
Kelly, XC, and SQ 



  1. You're on the home stretch now! You'll soon be kissing all of your other babies!

    Have a safe trip!

  2. Kelly, Sounds like you are so ready to come home! I thank God for your girls and the blessing it is that they can come home together! Only a few more days! Hugs, Petrie