This family needs our help.  They have been detained involuntarily by the US CDC because their daughter has or had TB.  Please read the message below Russell (the father) sent to me: Please pass this on to any groups you may be a part of if you are in the adoption community.  If you are a church goer, please add them to your prayer list.  Their names are Russell and Lisa Peeples and they have two daughters A.L. (the oldest aslo adopted frm China) and L.K .who is the sweetest little girl ever who is being adopted now.
Here is the link to donate:
(All money goes directly to thier paypal account via a "chip in")
If you wish to send them a check you can contact me personally at   kelly.rumbaugh@gmail.com
Please show this family the heart of Jesus by giving what you can.
Hereis a short ditty about what the family has been going through.
We were given LK's info in August 2009.  She was on the special needs list with a "stiff" right arm and possible brain atrophy.  After reviewing her file and seeing some pictures, we fell in with her.  We could see her using her arm and she didn't appear to have any type of brain problem.  We sent her file to a doctor and she said that could be just delayed development or slow learning.
Several months after we got the ball rolling we were ready to get our plane tickets.  The day we decided to call the travel agency, we were notified that she might have TB.  She had been in the hospital with pneumonia.  In January we had her flown to Guangzhou and the clinic decided she indeed had TB.  After speaking with the MS Dept. of Health and the CDC, several other tests were requested.  Everyone said it was a minor case and she was not contagious so we were given the OK to fly to China to adopt her.
After getting here, we learned another test was requested by the CDC.  It came back as multi-drug resistant.  With only two days before we were scheduled to come back home, they requested a CT scan and a lumbar puncture.  Both results were normal.  Not satisfied with this, they requested another sputum test, which was positive. 
We have been on the phone for many hours speaking with the CDC and doctors trying to get travel approval.  We have agreed to take her straight to the National Jewish Health Center in Denver, CO for treatment at supposedly the top TB hospital in the U.S.  It has been an uphill battle trying to get approval and it has pushed our travel date back almost 2 weeks.
We finally got verbal approval this morning and are "supposed" to have written, official approval tomorrow morning.  Then comes travel to Denver.  In Denver, we need to get a hotel room near the hospital.  Even though they offer discounts to NJH patients, it is still around $80 per night.  In addition, we will have to pay for meals, transportation, laundry, etc.  We have health insurance, but we have not met the deductible for this year.  It is possible we might have to stay in Denver for over two weeks.
I have not been at work for over three weeks, and even though my job is safe because I filed for FMLA, I still do not get paid unless I work.  The plan is to leave Lisa, L K, and AL in Denver with my mother helping out, while I return to work in Mississippi and travel to Denver on the weekends with my dad.
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Thanks!!!  Kelly
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  1. Kelly,
    News here in the U.S. by people in close contact with the Peeples family is that they are coming home this Saturday WITH their new daughter.