The Peeples are coming home--to Denver

YES!!! Some of you commented that the Peeples family is coming home.
This is true--they rec'd word last night from the CDC
They have paperwork in order and will fly to Denver.  This is not their home as they are from Mississippi.
They are still in need of help.  They were in guangzhou for twso extra weeks!  The hotel bill is probably draining any extra money they have laying around.  I have been contacted by a friend...who has a friend...In Denver who is willing to offer a room in their home and meals.  Good is so good and I pray this works out!
So-- thank you for your prayers for the Peeples.  They still are not in the air home and so...from experience with a sick child....
please pray they are allowed to boeard the plane and successfully get to Denver!!!
Much love,
kelly XC and SQ
Anpther post a little later before we go to bed.

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